Saturday, October 11, 2014

Life Happens

Have you ever had so much life happen that you completely lose sight of what makes you who you are? No? Just me?  Figures.  But really, I think I've come to the conclusion that I find life in words.  Not just the "I feel better when I get my feelings out" kind of thing.  But in the "I feel like I've been under water, gasping for air, and this is like my life saving breath" way.  I've been so busy surviving the day to day, that somewhere along the way I forgot to live.  I forgot the person that I was and the one I want to be.  I want to be better.  I long to be the kind of wife and mother and friend that gives life to those around her.  Not because I am something special, because, lets get real, I'm just a little short of the straight jacket most days (which is fine given the fact I embrace the crazy).  But because I am full of life.  Because I am in love with living the one that I have chosen.  And that rubs off on the people around me.  I want my laugh to be contagious and my joy to be felt.  I think I realize why that hasn't been true with me, and it's because I lost my sense of self.  I lost my words, my life source.  But this is my journey to finding them again.  So feel free to join me.  I will share with you my ups and downs.  My passion and failures.  My tears and laughter.  And I'll throw in some parenting, cooking and life experiences as well, and even (hopefully) some accidental insight every now and then, too.  So come on, pour another cup (of coffee or whiskey....there's no judgement here) and enjoy the ride.

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